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What's Up with the Website?

  • Posted on
  • By Gaspar's Webmaster

We have a new site, still under construction, coming soon. Details inside.

Wait, what? A new website? Yep, finally going to get a website so y'all can see what we have going in the shop. Be do good on the socials, but were thinking we need to step up our game a little and this is part of it.

As you can see, we are still doing some work to get it going, but wanted to at least turn it on and share some progress. Over the next weeks you will see more of our inventory come online, more details on our store picks, and more goodness overall.

This is the first step in bringing you online ordering, buy online pickup in store, delivery, and more. The 'more' includes tasting kits and sampler packs, a loyalty program where you can earn points and access to special releases, and all sorts of stuff. But gotta have a website first.


What's with the no prices?

Those that know us know that we have amazing, low, cash prices in the store. The problem with putting them online is some of the brands we carry don't want us to advertise such great prices, so we have to keep it on the down low, in-store only. Once we put it on the internet it's "advertised" and we don't want to make anyone mad, so we need to do some things to make sure we are playing it cool. Until that is done, you can see some of what we have in stock in store but not $$.


Where is my favorite bottle? I don't see it.

Right now we don't have everything listed on the website we have in the store. We are working on it, but it turns out there is a lot of typing involved with making a website and we are more "box movers" than "computerer typererrs" so we are making slow and steady progress. If it is on the site, we definitely have it. If it is not on the site, we probably have it, just haven't put it online.


Do you have Pappy/Blanton's/Buffalo/whatever?

Look, people call and email us ALL THE TIME with these "Do you have Bottle X?" questions. And the truth is, if ANYONE has it, we probably do. But we don't like to let these bottles go to just anyone. We have a lot of locals that have supported us, been with us, drank with us over the years. And we really like to know our customers. Have a drink at the tasting bar. Have a chat.

So don't be offended if we don't post those bottles here, or if you call if we tell you to come in the store and check. We want you to come in and see us. Give you the whole experience. And if that experience ends with you taking home a sweet bottle - great, that is what we want. But some faceless transaction over some of the best whiskey's in the world? Nah, not what we are about.


More coming.

In the mean time, register and sign up for our email list. This way you will be first on the list for our loyalty program and specials!